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AF 7400 Massage Chair


62″ (L) x 33″ (W) x 46″ (H) (Upright size)
74″ (L) x 33″ (W) x 36″ (H) (Recline size)
·One-button zero gravitation design massage chair and one button for sidling to save space (1.5″ off wall)
·Air pressure intensity adjustment.
·Shoulder massage: fitted shoulder massage
·Foot massage method: roller massage
·Hip massage method: vibration and airbag hip massage.
·Assembled massage chair with Bluetooth Audio Play .
·Manual setting course: Kneading /Knead Knocking /Knocking /Tapping & Shiatsu.
·Manual function: Speed adjustment / wide adjustment /Full course massage & Massage roller up & down.
·Automatic Massage Programs : Refresh massage / Relief massage / Relax Massage & Stretch massage.
·Full body massage: OPPA, ONNI, Neck and shoulder, waist and buttocks & stretch massage
·Single touch button for air massage 1 / air massage 2 / rolling massage & heating function.
·Controller: Device Controller with liquid crystal display .
·Power: 220V~ 50Hz.


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